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New & returning flavors from Oregon Roots!




Blue Dream – Oregon Roots: (DJ Shorts Blueberry x Haze) THC: 26.8%


9# Hammer – Oregon Roots: (Goo Berry x Hells OG x Jack The Ripper) THC: 25.6%
Supernova – Oregon Roots: (DJ Shorts Blueberry x Afghan) THC: 26.6%
Tomahawk – Oregon Roots: (GG#4 x Stardawg) THC: 28.5%


Jager OG – Oregon Roots: (Jaegermeister x OG Kush) THC: 22.7%


Bettie Page – Oregon Roots: (Unknown Genetics) THC: 22.2%



.5g Pre-Rolls / $4

9# Hammer THC: 25.6%. Cindy 99 THC: 26%

Dosi Sherbert THC: 28.1%   MAC THC: 25.4%

Obama Kush THC: 17.2%  Strawberry OG THC: 31%

Tomahawk THC: 28%



1g Diamonds / $20

Mint Jelly THC: 81%   Pound Town THC: 75%



1g Distillate / $24

Bettie Page THC: 80%   Blue Magoo THC: 79.4%

Gorilla Glue #4 THC: 79%

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