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Farmers Friend Extracts premium glass cartridges offer an elevated vaping experience. The BBTANK X hardware features a ceramic atomizer and all quartz glass vent tube, shell, and mouthpiece. Experience bigger clouds and tastier hits down to the last drop. FFE glass cartridges are filled with CO2 extracted RCO (Refined Cannabis Oil) which contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and the diverse terpene profile from the original cannabis source. Each cartridge is wrapped with a Sativa/Indica/Hybrid color-coded label with the strain name. The child-resistant box features the top 3 minor cannabinoids and 6 primary terpenes, with a QR-code link to the full test result.

The store is fully stocked with an assortment of 1g carts from FFE including:

Gelonade (High CBG) THC: 54.3% CBG: 25.5%

Compound Z (Hybrid) THC: 80%

Hell Hound (Indica) THC: 76.5%

Horchata Runtz (Hybrid) THC: 74%

Jealousy (Hybrid) THC: 78.7%

Pure Michigan (Indica) THC: 76.1%

Purple Gorilla Glue (Hybrid) THC: 80%

Snow Skunk (Sativa) THC: 73.2%

Sundae Driver (Hybrid) THC: 70.6%

Tokyo Tiger (Indica) THC: 72.7%

Wave Rider (High CBD) THC: 22.3% CBD: 58.4%

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