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Fresh drop of new & returning flavors! Panda Farms has been super popular in the shop, check out their Hashburger & Super Boof especially, also old school heads we got DJ Short Blueberry & Grandaddy Purple, two classics both grown indoor, sends you back to the good ol’ daze!

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$14/1g $44/3.5g $82/7g $158/14g $310/28g

Hashburger – Panda Farms: (Han Solo Hash Plant x Double Burger) THC: 33.5%
Garlic Juice – Sticky Farms: (GMO x Papaya) THC: 31.5%
Super Boof – Panda Farms: (Black Cherry Punch x Trop. Cookies) THC: 31.1%

$13/1g $40/3.5g $75/7g $145/14g $280/28g

Grandaddy Purple – West Coast Organics: (Mendo Purp x Skunk x Afghani) THC: 25.9%
Bubba Fett – Panda Farms: (Stardawg x Pre-98 Bubba Kush) THC: 31.6%
Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Thunder Farms: (Landrace Genetics) THC: 25.6%

$12/1g $36/3.5g $68/7g $130/14g $250/28g

DJ Short Blueberry – Green Dragon Gardens: (Purple Thai x Afghani) THC: 24.9%

$6/1g $20/3.5g $40/7g $80/14g $120/28g

Trop Cherry  – Green Queen Farm: (Trop. Cookies x Cherry Cookies)  THC: 22.5%
Runtz Of Eden  – Green Queen Farm: (Zkittles x Gelato)  THC: 22.1%
White Truffle – Green Bird Farm: (GG#4 x Peanut Butter Breath)  THC: 21.3%

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