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New brand in the shop, Killa Beez! With a variety of pre-roll packs, single or multi strain, come check them out!

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2 Half Gram Pre-Roll Pk. $7:

Kona Gold (Sativa) THC: 23%   Pink Runtz (Hybrid) THC: 26.5%

Oreoz (Hybrid) THC: 26.6%    Twizzle Dance (Indica) THC: 30.1%

Grapenana (Indica) THC: 22%

6 Half Gram Pre-Roll Pk. $14:


Tangie (Sativa) THC: 25% Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid) THC: 24% Dawgy Treats (Indica) THC: 20%

Londoncello (Sativa) THC: 21% Runtz (Hybrid) THC: 30% Jealousy (Indica) THC: 24%

Guava Pie (Sativa) THC: 22% Pancakes (Hybrid) THC: 27% GMO Cookies (Indica) THC: 29.3%

Copper Diesel (Sativa) THC: 23% Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid) THC: 24% Super Runtz (Indica) THC: 28%

Single Strain:

Daily Grape (Hybrid) THC: 33% Lava Girl (Indica) THC: 29%

12 Half Gram Multi Strain Pre-Roll Pk. $24:

Candied Lemons (Sativa) THC: 28% Gusherz (Hybrid) THC: 22% Sherb Crasher (Indica) THC: 24%

Emergen-C (Sativa) THC: 20% Dirty Sugah (Hybrid) THC: 27% Sherb Crasher (Indica) THC: 24%

Londoncello (Sativa) THC: 21% Pancakes (Hybrid) THC: 27% Jealousy (Indica) THC: 24%

1g Shatter $14:

Cactus Jack (Sativa) THC: 69.4% Blue Moon Rocks (Hybrid) THC: 69%

Velveeta Breath (Hybrid) THC: 71% Afgoo (Indica) THC: 71%


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