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Fresh drop from Entourage Cannabis!

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1g Live Resin Cart / $36:

Maui Dream (Sativa) THC: 63.3%

G6 (Sativa Hybrid) THC:74%

Sherb Cake (Indica Hybrid) THC:69.8%

Cherry Limeade Z (Indica Hybrid) THC: 64.9%

Wild Cherry (Hybrid) THC: 70.9%

1g Live Resin Disposable / $45:

Orange Apricot Octane (Sativa Hybrid) THC: 59.7%

Cereal Milk (Hybrid) THC: 71.1%

Block Builder (Indica Hybrid) THC: 65.1%

Blueberry Pancake (Indica Hybrid) THC: 73.4%

Cherry Limeade Z (Indica Hybrid) THC: 64.9%

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