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New & returning flavors from Buddies!

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Flavored Carts 1g/$24

Melon Gum THC: 85.7%     Cherry Pie THC: 91.7%

Cranberry THC: 91.8%    Lime Sorbet THC: 89.6%

Raspberry THC: 89.6%     Blueberry THC: 87.7%

Pineapple THC: 87.8%     Apple Jack THC: 88.9%

Strawberry THC: 86.3%

Flavored Disposable 1g/$32

Melon Gum THC: 88.8%     Grape THC: 87.8%

Cherry Pie THC: 89.2%    Strawberry THC: 87.8%

Raspberry THC: 89.6%

Live Resin 1g Cart 1g/$36

Orange Mutation (Sativa) THC: 81.5% Terps: 9.4%

Grande Guava (Indica) THC: 75.4% Terps: 7.8%

Distillate 1g Cart 1g/$36

Toxic Unicorn (Sativa) THC: 89% Terps: 3.4%

Cherryberry Fire (Indica) THC: 89.4% Terps: 3.7%

Blackberry Fire (High CBD) THC: 22% CBD: 70.1% Terps: 3.8%

Live Resin Distillate Cart 1g/$36

Citrus Fuel (Sativa) THC: 92.1% Terps: 5.5%

Dosi Mango Kush (Indica) THC: 84.4% Terps: 4.3%

Live Resin Disposable 1g/$42

Jet Fuel (Sativa) THC: 82.4% Terps: 12.1%

Mountain Girl Gold (Indica) THC: 81.5% Terps 11.6%

Distillate Disposable 1g/$42

Lemon Chernobyl (Sativa) THC: 90.2% Terps: 3.6%

Double Motor Boat (Indica) THC: 88.5% Terps 5.2%

Live Resin 1g/$20

Jet Fuel (Sativa) THC: 80.8% Terps: 5.2%

Banner (Sativa) THC: 81.3% Terps: 5.8%

Sour Banana (Sativa) THC: 70.8% Terps: 10.9%

Brr Berry (Hybrid) THC: 69% Terps: 8.8%

Honey Tree (Indica) THC: 81.5% Terps: 5.8%

Chronic Widow (Indica) THC: 80.3% Terps: 8%

Strawberry Watermelon (Indica) THC: 65% Terps: 11.8%

Pre-Rolls 10pks/$20

Pineapple Express (Sativa) THC: 24.8% Dogwalker (Hybrid) THC: 29.2%

Apple Fritter (Hybrid) THC: 24.1% Dosi Punch (Indica) THC: 26.2%


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