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Fresh flower in the shop! We got 6 new Top shelf strains, Strawberry Cough for $4 gram and few new selections for $50 & $60 ounces!

Limited quantities of everything! Order online before its gone or head on in for visit in person.

$13/1g $40/3.5g $75/7g $145/14g $280/28g

Goofiez – Pacific Grove: (Jokerz x Apples & Bananas) THC: 25%
Exotic²  Pacific Grove: (Red Pop x Apples & Bananas) THC: 32.3%
Banana Squirt – Pacific Grove: (Gushers x Modified Bananas) THC: 28%
Pink Runtz – Artisan Grown: (Zkittlez x Gelato) THC: 27%
Violet Fog – Trichome Farms: (Grape Gasoline x Khalifa Mints) THC: 24.1%
Jack Herer – Midnight Fruit Company: (Haze x (Northern Lights x Shiva Skunk)) THC: 23.8%

$4/1g $14/3.5g $28/7g $56/14g $80/28g

Strawberry Cough – Skunk Valley Farm: (Haze x Strawberry Fields) THC: 20%

$30/14g $60/28g

Blue Magoo B-Buds – Oregon Roots: (DJ Shorts Blueberry x MLB) THC: 19.3%
Cherry OG B-Buds – Oregon Roots: (Night Terror OG x Cherry Pie) THC: 20%

$25/14g $50/28g

Dosi Punch B-Buds – Blue Land: (Dosidos x Purple Punch) THC: 19.5%
Raspberry Parfait B-Buds – Blue Land: (Truffula-tree x Shiskaberry) THC: 18%

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