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Fresh drop of pre-roll packs from shop favorite Rebel Spirit & returning brand Green Hornets! Come snag some before they disappear. 20% off all pre-rolls/packs on Sit Back Sundays!

Rebel Spirit 2 Strain 12pk:

Garlic Budder (Indica) THC: 20% Rainbow Belts (Indica) THC: 21%

Jokerz (Indica) THC: 25% Platinum GSC (Indica) THC: 28%

Jungle Juice (Sativa) THC: 23% Rebel Berry OG (Sativa) THC: 25%

Blue Tangelo (Sativa) THC: 20% Gelonade (Sativa) THC: 22%

Horchata (Hybrid) THC: 26% Perma-Grin (Indica Hybrid) THC: 25%

Garlic Budder (Indica Hybrid) THC: 25% Gary Payton (Hybrid) THC: 22%


Green Hornets 3 Strain 12pk:

Lilac Cookies (Sativa) THC: 25% Papaya Punch (Hybrid) THC: 25% White Runtz (Indica) THC: 22%

White Haze (Sativa) THC: 25% Bruce Banner (Hybrid) THC: 26% GMO (Indica) THC: 30%

Agent Orange (Sativa) THC: 20% Moonbow (Hybrid) THC: 26% Kosher Kush (Indica) THC: 25%

Sour Diesel (Sativa) THC: 25% Sundae Driver (Hybrid) THC: 25% Afgoo (Indica) THC: 23%

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