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New & returning flavors from Piff Stixs!! Back in stock is their popular pack of infused pre-rolls, each jar contains 5 half gram joints wrapped in oil & kief! Also restocked on their double sided disposable pens! These go fast come see us this weekend.

Lil Piffs 5pk Infused Pre-Rolls $44

Bubblegum Gelato (Indica) THC: 19.7%

Peach Ringz (Indica) THC: 21.5%

Gelato #41 (Indica) THC: 27%

Pink Marshmallow (Indica) THC: 30%

French Cookies (Indica) THC: 23.5%

91 Octane (Indica) THC: 31.8%

Mimosa (Sativa) THC: 20.5%

1g Distillate Infused Pre-Roll $12

Budder Gelato (Hybrid) THC: 22.4%

Biscotti Lemon Mints (Hybrid) THC: 20%

Bubba Kush x Ice Cream Cake (Indica) THC: 22.7%

Duct Tape (Hybrid) THC: 17.5%

1g Double Sided Rosin Disposable $72

Sugar Plum (Sativa) THC: 76% x GMO (Indica) THC: 80.2%

Honey Badger Haze (Sativa) THC: 79.8% x Papaya (Indica) THC: 79.8

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