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Some fresh & returning flavors from Pacific Grove are in the shop! Among them are 3 strains of fire indoor top shelf flower that tested lower than average for them so we are having a crazy sale! Also got some classic strains on our top shelf perfect for a weekend getaway to the beach!

$8g/1g $25/3.5g $50/7g $100/14g $150/28g

Bubba Diagonal – Pacific Grove: (Bubba Kush x Triangle Kush) THC: 18.8%
Aquaberry Amethyst – Pacific Grove: (Bubblegum x Fruity Pebbles OG) THC: 19.5%
Rainbow Sapphire – Pacific Grove: (Apple Fritter x Fruity Pebbles OG) THC: 18.2%

$13/1g $40/3.5g $75/7g $145/14g $280/28g

Animal Butter – Pacific Grove: (Animal Face x PB Breath) THC: 24.4%
Blood Bath – Pacific Grove: (Bubble Bath x Red Velvet) THC: 22.5%
Georgie Apple Pie – Pacific Grove: (Apple Fritter x Georgia Pie) THC: 25.8%
Grapicot Pie – Pacific Grove: (Grape Octane x Flavor Crystals) THC: 21.8%
Supreme Lee-Hi – Pacific Grove: (Supreme Ruckus x Coolie High) THC: 29.1%

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