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Dr. Jolly’s was founded by two brothers. The younger brother, known as “Jolly”, is a talented and experienced cultivator and purveyor of fine herbs. As a patient and a grower, Jolly has been cultivating medical cannabis for patients in the local Bend area since 2007. He is an energetic, charismatic, hard-working farmer who takes great pride in his craft. The older brother, known as “Doctor”, is a former science journal editor and a materials engineer. He came to Bend in 2013 to join with his brother to create Dr. Jolly’s.

For the first time at Cream Cannabis, Dr. Jollys is on the shelf! We got a variety of Live Resin/Cured Resin Carts including some CBD ratio strains, also got an amazing selection of their FECO!

Live Resin+ Carts:

Capstone (Hybrid) THC: 70.1%

Grandaddy OG (Hybrid) THC: 70.6%

Sour Larry Lime Pebbles (Indica) THC: 76%


Live Resin Carts:

Cherry Blossom (CBD) THC: 30.8% CBD: 39%

Orange Banana Sherbert (Hybrid) THC: 80%

Orange Cream (Sativa) THC: 68.7%

Stargazer (Indica) THC: 67.8%


Cured Resin:

Jack Herer Kush (CBD) THC: 20% CBD: 54.2%

Lemon Tree (Hybrid) THC: 74.5%

Nepalese Jager (CBD) THC: 25.7% CBD: 55.5%

Wesleys Lucky Cookies (CBD) THC: 38.5% CBD: 39%



Biscotti Berries (Indica) THC: 75.4%

Cuban Linx (Sativa) THC: 69.6%

Garlic Gelato (Hybrid) THC: 84.3%

House Blend (CBD) THC: 6.7% CBD: 69%

Runtz (Indica) THC: 73.8%

Super Goji Haze (Sativa) THC: 76.9%


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