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Fresh delivery! Check out the list below of what Altered Alchemy brought us today!

Live Resin:
Strawberry Cream Cake 70.8%
Cap Junky 63.5%
Pineapple Fruz 63.9%
Banana Split 68.1%
Mimosa 65%

Cured Resin:
Jelly Breath 69%
Permanent Marker 71.9%
Purple Octane 68.6%
Bad Santa 69.8%
Super Soakers 72.1%
Caribbean Breeze 69.8%
Georgia Cheese Cake 65.3%
Candied Lemons 66.7%

Grape Cream Cake THC: 75.7%
Strawberry Cream Cake THC: 84.3%
Jelly Breath THC: 74.7%

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