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Great news in the Oregon cannabis market to end 2023! The OLCC has increased the limit for recreational/medical customers purchases of extracts/concentrates, such as dabs/cartridges. This ruling will begin January 2nd 2024.

Below is the statement from the recent OLCC rule change bulletin.

Increase in Retailer Daily Sales Limits

These rules double the daily sales limits for cannabinoid concentrates, cannabinoid extracts, and cannabinoid products intended for inhalation (e.g. infused pre-rolls and inhalable cannabinoid products with non-cannabis additives). Beginning January 2, 2024, consumers can purchase up to 10 grams of concentrates or extracts, AND 10 grams of cannabinoid products intended for inhalation. For example, a consumer could purchase 5 grams of extract, 5 grams of concentrate, 5 grams of “flavored vapes,” and 5 grams of infused pre-rolls (the flavored vapes and infused pre-rolls are cannabinoid products intended for inhalation). A consumer could not purchase 10 grams of concentrate and 10 grams of extract. See OAR 845-025-2800. Note that for cannabinoid concentrates and extracts, the concentration limit per container has not changed. See the tables below for more information.”

This is awesome for the industry as we have seen an increase in the amount of extract in individual products from 1g to 2g. This means customers who take advantage of 2g deal pricing can collect more variety in a single trip! With the increase of flower limits in the last few years for recreational customers becoming 56 grams, it seems we are going in the right direction.

*UPDATED 1/9* As defined in the above paragraph, “flavored vapes” fall under the “inhalable cannabinoid product” meaning you can buy 10 flavored vapes on top of any other “extract” or “concentrate” purchase which could be cartridges or dabs. This means you could potentiall purchase 10 grams of “extract” or “concentrate” cartridges & also 10 grams of “flavored vapes”

Starting January 2nd the recreational purchase limits per day of cannabis products in Oregon will be as follows:

2 ozs (56 grams) of usable marijuana

16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form (edibles)

72 fluid ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form (tinctures/edibles)

10 grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates (dabs/cartridges)

10 grams of cannabinoid products intended for inhalation (infused pre-rolls or flavored vapes)

4 immature marijuana plants (clones/teens)

10 marijuana seeds

OLCC BulletinOLCC Bulletin

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