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New flavors on the shelf from some new farms! Some fan favorite strains like Purple Punch are back, also new strains such as Nikez a crazy cross of 4 great strains, check them out!

$5/1g $15/3.5g $30/7g $60/14g $100/28g

Purple Punch – Alibi Canabis: (GDP x Larry OG)  THC: 23.6%
Peanut Butter Breath – Luminous Gardens: (Dosidos x Mendo Breath) THC: 30.7%

$4/1g $14/3.5g $28/7g $56/14g $80/28g

Spilt Paint B-Buds – The Highest Xpectations: (Georgia Pie x Runtz)  THC: 22.2%
Nikez B-Buds – The Highest Xpectations: (Pink Runtz x Animal Cookies x Wet Dream x Skywalker OG) THC: 20.6%

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