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New flavors from Beehive Extracts including their new 1g Live Resin Cartridges!

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Live Resin Cart 1g/$40

Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid) THC: 72.5% Terps: 10%

Grapes N Cream (Hybrid) THC: 73.6% Terps 8.8%

GMO (Indica) THC: 73.2% Terps 8.8%

Cured Resin Cart 1g/$36

Candy Pave (Hybrid) THC: 79.9% Terps: 6%

Gary Payton (Hybrid) THC: 75.1% Terps 6%

Badder 1g/$20 2g/$34

Ice (Hybrid) THC: 75.9% Terps: 5.4%

Super Runtz (Hybrid) THC: 84.2% Terps: 5.1%


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