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Fresh Restock of Entourage Cannabis Products! New Vape Carts, Infused Pre Rolls & Our favorite FULL GRAM DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN! See full product details below:

1g Live Resin Carts
Orange Apricot Octane 66% Sativa 16% terps
Frosted Hog 76% Indica 9% terps
Alien ET 66% Hybrid 11% terps
Raisin Cream Cannoli 69% Hybrid 11% terps
Honeycrisp Headband 70% Hybrid 10% terps
Platinum Kush Breath 79% Hybrid 5% terps
Pineapple Trainwreck 68% Sativa 10% terps
Mendo Gusherz 73% Indica 9% terps
Pre-98 Bubba 75% Indica 6% terps

1g Live Resin Disposable
Jifflez 61% hybrid 19% terps
Gelato Cone 75% indica 11% terps
Chocolate Dipped Bananas 70% indica 8% terps
Golden Pineapple 62% hybrid 11% terps
Black Jack 74% sativa 15% terps
Mac The Ripper 73% sativa 10% terps

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