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Fresh flower drop from 8 NEW FARMS!! 8 new strains dropped off today in total. Price ranges from $3 grams to $14 grams.

Hurry in to get a sniff of these three new strains highlighted below!

Order Flower Today!Order Flower Today!

Strain: Gorilla Glue

Farm: Skunk Valley Farm
Genetics: Chems Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel

THC: 22.3%

Strain: Tropicana Cherry

Farm: Panda Farms
Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Cherry Cookies

THC: 18.7%

Strain: Berry Pie

Farm: Pacific NW Farms
Genetics: Blueberry x GSC

THC: 24.3%

Strain: Bubba Kush

Farm: 5150 Farms
Genetics: OG Kush x Northern Lights

THC: 30%

Strain: Raspberry Parfait

Farm: Blue Land
Genetics: Truffula-tree x Shishkaberry

THC: 19.8%

Strain: Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Farm: Thunder Farms
Genetics: Northern Cali Sativa x Ruderalis

THC: 23.6%

Strain: Oreo

Farm: Fractal Farms
Genetics: Cookies & Cream x Secret Weapon

THC: 21.8%

Strain: Gelatti

Farm: Left Coast Standard
Genetics: Gelato x Biscotti

THC: 19.4%

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